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Hurricane Season Starts June 1 – Are You Ready?

Hurricane season starts June 1 and is predicted to be very active this year.  If you haven’t already done so, review your insurance policies and make sure you are covered.  If you need an insurance review, we offer this service for an affordable fee.


Does my policy include windstorm/hurricane coverage?

Some policies have a windstorm and/or hurricane exclusion. Don’t rely on your agent’s word.  We spoke to many people who made this mistake before Irma only to discover there was no coverage for the damage the storm caused because their policy had a windstorm exclusion.  Review your policy carefully or we can do it for you.

Do I have enough coverage?

Your homeowners insurance policy includes a declarations page that breaks down the coverage amounts your policy provides.  However, these documents are often difficult to interpret.  Most policies include Coverage A, B, C and D and the typical meaning for each is as follows:

  • Coverage A – Dwelling: Coverage for damage to the actual home
  • Coverage B – Other structures: Coverage for damage to other structures on the property, such as sheds or fences
  • Coverage C – Personal Property: Coverage for your personal belongings such as jewelry, electronics, furniture, etc.
  • Coverage D – Additional Living Expenses: This coverage provides reimbursement for additional living expenses incurred by the property owner when the insured property is damaged.  ALE covers expenses such as hotel stays, additional food costs, etc.

What about my business?

Whether you own the property where your business is located or not, it is important to review your business insurance policy(s) prior to hurricane season.  It is vital for business owners to understand what coverage they have and need.  Also, many business owners are unaware that their insurance policies often include what is called business interruption coverage.  This insurance will provide coverage for lost income due to damage to the property where the business is located.  If your business was displaced or lost income for any reason related to Irma and you have not yet made a claim, we can help you with a free case evaluation.

Is my property located in a vulnerable flood or storm surge zone?

If the answer is yes, make sure you have flood insurance and that you review your policy carefully.  Many don’t realize that flood insurance is a completely different type of policy and does not fall under the same rules as “regular” homeowner’s policies.  Also, make sure you have an evacuation plan if you are under the threat of storm surge damage.  Depending on various factors including tides and storm speed, storm surge predictions can vary wildly.  When the storm surge reports for Irma started to come in, many Floridians found themselves scrambling to evacuate and secure their homes at the last minute.   Now is the time to prepare for storing or moving valuables and irreplaceable items in the event of a major storm.

Have I properly documented my property?

If you haven’t already done so, it is crucial that you photograph and take video of your home, business, automobiles, and any other property or valuable assets.  Make sure you are detailed in your photographs and review them on a large screen to ensure you got good quality images.  By documenting the condition of your property and assets, you will have a much stronger claim in the event you incur damage during a major storm.





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