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Business Law

Business Law

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Legal Services & Consulting

Portuondo Law Firm, P.A. is a Miami-based practice focused on business law. The firm offers business law services including but not limited to the following:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Contract disputes
  • Business dispute resolution and litigation
  • Business incorporation
  • Preparation of articles of incorporation, partnership agreements, operating agreements and more
  • Employee issues
  • Insurance policy reviews and insurance related legal matters
  • Business interruption claims
  • Transactional legal services
  • General business consulting

Prior to attending law school, Attorney Marisa Portuondo obtained her master’s degree in Management Information Systems from FIU’s College of Business and worked at a world-renowned pharmaceutical company where she was responsible for managing over $60 million in pharmaceutical raw materials at several locations worldwide.  This position required negotiations with international vendors as well as planning for future business trends. Her business acumen complements her legal knowledge in the consultation of business clients requiring representation in complex mediation, arbitration, and litigation matters. Additionally, her experience managing her own business gives her first-hand knowledge into the concerns and issues that business owners experience and deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Experienced in matters of contract and tort dispute, Portuondo Law Firm, P.A. represents South Florida business law clients in business negotiations, mediation, arbitration, trial, and appeal cases. She assists clients in consultation and representation of legal actions that will protect their business interests from financial and reputational detriment.


Contracts establish the legal framework for an employment or trade agreement and reflect a meeting of the minds regarding performance in exchange for compensation for labor, goods, and services. The key to substantiating a business owner’s rights to transactional performance – a well-written, binding contract- is the cornerstone to a successfully pursued claim for breach for non-performance or non-payment.  Professional contract drafting, review, and negotiation services ensure that a contract is written to reflect a party’s legal and business interests. Portuondo Law Firm’s contract drafting, review, and dispute services protect the integrity of your business with experienced legal representation.

Protecting Your Business

Legal disputes involving contract breach, employees, insurance claims, intellectual property, workplace safety, or late payment by clients have the potential to cause detriment to a business owner’s reputation and solvency.  A licensed attorney with experience in business law is the solution to minimizing the risks faced by business owners on a regular basis. Portuondo Law Firm, P.A. is proud to provide comprehensive legal services for its clients. Business owners can feel secure knowing the Firm offers a variety of services to protect their business interests including business consultation, general legal advice, preparation and review of contracts, review of insurance policies, preparation of non-disclosure and non-compete agreements, assistance with employee matters, and preparation of workplace handbooks.

Legal representation in an arbitration, mediation, or litigation matter can be the difference between success and costly damages. At Portuondo Law Firm, we understand that clients often prefer to resolve matters outside of court. Alternative Dispute Resolutions (ADR) such as mediation or arbitration allow parties in a dispute to reach a settlement without litigation. With ADR services by a licensed attorney, the settlement of business disputes is possible while avoiding the potential risks to finance and reputation that can be associated with a lawsuit. When presuit negotiations or ADR are insufficient to resolve a matter, however, the Firm stands ready to aggressively represent its clients in litigation.

Corporate Legal Services

Portuondo Law Firm, P.A. offers business formation services such as the preparation of Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Partnership Agreements, Operating Agreements, and other corporate documents for registration of a business as an S-corporation, C-corporation, or LLC.  Once a corporation is established, the firm can consult in the drafting, review, negotiation, and dispute of trade and employment contracts. Attorney Marisa Portuondo is also experienced in service of cease and desist letters in violations of trademark and copyright; representing clients in entertainment and IP litigation matters.

Business Consulting

In addition to standard business law services, Portuondo Law Firm, P.A. also offers business consulting. Considering a new business venture? Let the Firm help you start on the right track with the proper procedures, business structure, documents, and/or contracts tailored specifically to your business needs. The Firm also assists owners of established businesses needing tweaks to documents or policies. Finally, we can assist in reviewing your practices and procedures and suggest systems and technology that will increase productivity and efficiency.  Ms. Portuondo’s combined business, technology, and legal backgrounds provide a unique set of skills that will help you improve your business security, efficiency, and productivity.

Contact Portuondo Law Firm, P.A. for corporate legal services, or for a consultation on a business law matter.