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Major Cast Iron Plumbing Loss

After suffering a major cast iron plumbing loss, our clients attempted to negotiate with the insurance company on their own. Their valiant efforts got them some money in their pocket, but not enough to repair their family home. After years of run-around from the insurance company, they retained our Firm. We filed suit and were able to obtain an additional $34,000, allowing them to complete repairs to their Read More

Cast Iron Plumbing Failure

Despite a massive cast iron plumbing failure, the insurance company estimated damages at $169.  Because this amount was below our clients’ deductible, nothing was paid by the insurance company.  After several months of litigation, we were able to get the clients a great result of $122,000.00 Type of Case Settlement Plumbing $122,000.00 Read More

Marisa Portuondo will be a Guest Speaker at MaxLawCom this year!

We are excited to announce that Marisa Portuondo will be a guest speaker at MaxLawCon's annual conference on June 6 -7, 2019 in St. Louis, MO. This conference brings innovative law firm owners and entrepreneurs together to discuss how you can grow your law firm. Learn more here. Read More

Construction Law 101: An Introduction to Mechanic’s Liens

When working in the construction industry, it is important to understand what a mechanic’s lien is and how it can be used. To put it simply, this type of lien is the best way to ensure you get paid in full for the work you perform or the materials you provide. In most cases, major construction contracts don’t pay in full up front. To protect yourself, your construction company can file a mechanic’s lien to help Read More

5 Elements You Should Include in Your Employee Handbook

When running a business, you will have to complete a wide variety of different tasks to be successful. If you have employees, one of those tasks needs to be creating and maintaining an employee handbook. This handbook can be an invaluable resource in informing employees of their general obligations, and also letting them know about their rights and benefits. While each company’s employee handbook will be different, Read More

Marisa Portuondo Featured on the Maxiumum Lawyer Podcast – The Hiring Process in a Law Firm

Marisa Portuondo was once again featured on the Maximum Lawyer Podcast. In this Pop-up episode, Marisa and Tyson discuss the issues they have encountered with hiring, as well as things that have and have not worked for them. This bonus episode is a must-listen for any business owner or anyone in charge of hiring, enjoy Read More

6 Scenarios You Should Address in Your Partnership Agreements

A business partnership is a business entity comprised of two or more owners. The more people you have in your partnership, the more challenging it can be to form a consensus for decision making. This is why it’s so important to have a concrete partnership agreement in place. Although your lawyer will ensure your final partnership agreement is thorough, here are six scenarios to consider and resolve before your Read More

What You Need to Know About Sole Proprietorships in Florida

Deciding which business entity to file under will be one of the more challenging decisions you’ll make before you open your business. One of the types of business entities available in Florida is the sole proprietorship.  Many feel this is the logical choice, especially when running a business on their own. If this fits your description, you will want to learn more about this business entity before you make your Read More

5 Signs Your Construction Dispute Is Headed for Litigation

Construction projects are based on a number of essential agreements - between the project owner and general contractor, between the general contractor and the subcontractors, and suppliers, and so on. Under ideal circumstances, the project progresses from concept to completion without any major disruptions, but this outcome isn’t always the reality. Participants disagree on invoices, timelines, and other relevant Read More

Marisa Portuondo Was Recently Interviewed By IdeaMensch

View the original article here.   "I love that attorneys are finally getting into marketing and many are doing so in fun, creative ways. In a profession where letting your personality shine is not exactly the norm, it is great to see that happening more and more." Marisa Portuondo was raised in the Key Biscayne community of South Florida. Prior to attending law school, Ms. Portuondo graduated with a Read More