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5 Elements You Should Include in Your Employee Handbook

When running a business, you will have to complete a wide variety of different tasks to be successful. If you have employees, one of those tasks needs to be creating and maintaining an employee handbook. This handbook can be an invaluable resource in informing employees of their general obligations, and also letting them know about their rights and benefits. While each company’s employee handbook will be different, there are certain elements that all of them should contain. The following are some of these key items:

Explanation of What the Handbook Is

At the beginning of the employee handbook, you should explain what the handbook is and how it should be used. Make sure to note that the employee handbook is not a contract, but just a convenient place to access important information about their employment with your company.

Equal Employment & Discrimination Policies

You are required by the US Department of Labor to post information that says that your business follows all federal equal employment opportunity and non-discrimination laws. This needs to be put somewhere that employees have easy access to, which makes the employee handbook an excellent choice.

Worker’s Compensation Policies

Any information regarding your worker’s compensation policies should be provided to all your employees in the employee handbook. In the state of Florida, companies that don’t participate in this program (which is limited to companies with fewer than 4 employees) must also alert their workers to this fact. So, regardless of whether your business uses the Worker’s Compensation program or not, it should be in this handbook.

Paid Time Off Policy

Including your paid time off or vacation policy in the handbook is a very good idea. This should include details about how much time off an employee has, how they can earn additional time away, and how to request days off. Any other particular details specific to your company’s time off policy should be included in this section. You can also include details about sick pay and any policies surrounding it as a subsection to this policy.

Employee Behavior

Employee handbooks are perhaps best known for including company policy on a wide-range of different behaviors that are either encouraged or prohibited. This can include information on dress codes, work schedules, how to interact with co-workers, how to report inappropriate behavior, and much more. While the specifics of this section can vary significantly, having a section that covers these policies is critical.  

We Are Here to Help

If you are writing a new employee handbook or updating an existing one, we can help you through the process. Please contact us [Link to CONTACT US page] to set up a consultation with an attorney and go over the specific needs of your business.




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